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Valhalla Showdown is a local multiplayer beat 'em up party video game where a maximum of four players play as Vikings fighting to represent their chosen god. All players will start out in an arena type environment/map with dangerous hazards that can instantly kill players if they are not careful. Starting out, players will have their basic "drop kick" and "Punch" ability that will push players in the direction of the attack. Each player must use these abilities to force their opponents into environmental hazards or deplete their opponent's health bar to zero in order to score kills. During each round there are weapons and power ups that get scattered across the level, players can utilize these to gain an advantage in the chaotic arena brawl. When a player goes on a killing spree they are offered a "Viking's Rage" ability which can can also be picked up as a "Power Up". When activated this ability will cause an AOE knock back around the player, stunning anyone caught in its blast radius and giving the player some additional bonus movement speed and increased knockback effect from drop kicks. Performing the drop kick on stunned opponents will send them flying. Once the round is over the player with the most kills wins the showdown!


Install instructions

Played with 4 xbox controllers. does not work with keyboard and mouse

For best experience play 4 players

Note: The button that appears above the characters head A,B,Y or X
Means your character is stunned and you have to smash that button to come out. the other button RB your rage Mode


Valhalla Showdown.zip 129 MB

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